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Global Pricing Tool

A feature on the Artist Shops platform to edit prices across an entire shop and run promotions.

ForThreadless RoleProduct Design Intern

The Problem

Threadless has a platform called Artist Shops. Artist Shops allows artists to open an online store to sell their designs on 100's of products. The design team saw artists having to adjust prices on individual products and if they wanted a discount on their products they also had to set those on an individual level.

We started with a problem statement: How might we allow artists to adjust prices and set discounts across their entire store?

A Typeform survey

Establish Context

We started exploring this idea by surveying 738 artists to see if this was a problem artists were experiencing. We sent a typeform out to get feedback on the Artist Shop’s experience. We found over 50% of users who responded mentioned wanting the ability to edit prices across their whole shop.

Some initial sketches


I started by sketching to see what were the main considerations to think about when designing this experiences. I found that users would need a way to easily adjust their product prices based on profit and would need to see how that would change certain items they were selling.

Design round 1

Design Round 1

This was the first design, a product table that would give you information about prices adjusting on each product. After getting feedback from stakeholders, it became the table was over complicating the view of how product prices would change. There was also an opportunity to get the user more engaged and active during this process instead of just using a table to edit prices.

Design round 2

Design Round 2

This was the second design, it had a more engaging, educational profit adjuster as well as calling out how the product would change when prices got adjusted. From stakeholders, I got feedback that the slider should be editable by sliding and enter a number as well as the product example were hard to read. Also, it was unclear what would happen when a user would run a promotion on their products.

Part of the final design, live prototype below

Final Design

For my final design, I made the slider adjustable and have an entry field. In addition, I created more clear examples of how product prices would be affected when using the slider. I also added a mode for running a shop wide promotion for users.

View Live Prototype Here